Abstract: This is a challenging era due to the growth in the field of computer science and demand we are facing today. Hence examinations play a vital role in testing studentís performance. And that is why it is important to have a smart development question model for growth of students as well as to test their learning skills thereby keeping a check on student performance. Now the traditional method of generating question paper has been manual. In this method certain officials chalk out the question paper. But this method can be ineffective at times owing to bias, repetition and security concerns. We have proposed an Automated process of Question Paper Generation which is fast, streamlined, randomized and secure. Every task performed by this system is automated so that storage space, bias and security is not a concern anymore. Furthermore, we have proposed a new algorithm which ensures total randomization of questions and avoids repetitions. The proposed system can be helpful to many educational institutes and NGO based institutes.

Keywords: Question paper generation; paperless; automation; randomization; information communication technology.