Abstract: NFC is one of the recent wireless communication technologies. Near field communication is technology for contactless short-range communication based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). So there is possibility of eavesdropping, data modification, data corruption, man-in-middle attacks. Solution on these threats is creating a secure channel. The proposed system protocols consider three different factor (Touch, Angle and Time) of user behavior to know the authenticity or authorization of users. In this processing phase, here the touch signals are cleaned for some irregularities via cubic spline smoothing process. Then after the processing, the extracted information represented in vector and stored in database. Here the angle of user touch gets calculated. Also the counter is set for time parameter in NFC devices. All parameter are stored into database. The comparison can be done between stored feature of user and recent feature of user for validation. If user is valid or authenticated then file get transferred to authorized user device. At the end secure communication with NFC device is successful.

Keywords: Near Field Communication (NFC), Security, RFID, NFC tags, etc.