Abstract: Storytelling with augmented reality is a concept to enhance the way of learning, which will help schools to reduce the unnecessary cost invested into story book. This project tries to address how a Marker-based Augmented Reality, with the help of various applications, can enhance the current education system. In the existing education system, for example, teachers use blackboard teaching methods or show 2D images in the books to explain the elements in the real world. The above practice may or may not enhance the knowledge about the particular element of all the students in the class. But by introducing augmented reality into the education system, a teacher can show a 3D object to the students instead. The objects can be viewed from different angles left, right, top, and bottom. And the object can be scaled and animated. This idea of learning enables them to quickly grasp more and more as compared to conventional teaching approach. Thus, to enhance the education system, we proposed an idea to use augmented reality with various platforms.

Keywords: Marker, Scaling, Animation, Interactivity, Versatility, Vivid.