Abstract: The aim of this project is to develop a web application software package “CHIT FUND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. It is developed for easy transaction of data control various activities in the proposed system. Various process followed are automated in this project. The infrastructure module describes about the details of infrastructure of the Chit Fund. The modules are Super Admin, Agent, Collection Executives, and Member’s. The department modules give the details about the different types of bidding systems running in real-time. Each modules specific some roles of it and report structure also available and you can take 4 types of reports (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, Yearly) etc. Chit fund software running the systematic web application it is used to agent, executive and members user friendly. Every panel login and check our data etc. Members can see the full reports and admin can see the full rights and maintenance of this application.

Keywords: PHP, Mysql, Chit Fund, Reports, Agent.