Abstract: In today’s day to day life, we hear many unfortunate incidents taking place in women’s case. The popular inference is that women’s are not safe, as there are many drawbacks on both the sides of a coin-the victims and the law enforcers. An ages old practice is still continuing today in the form of harassment, blackmailing etc., Today cyber world or virtual world has opened up new ways to reach out the women attacked. The use of cyber space and its attendant anonymity that continues to influence negatively the social and cultural aspects of society. We propose to have a device which is the integration of multiple devices, hardware comprises of a wearable “Smart band” which continuously communicates with Smart phone that has access to the internet. The application is programmed and loaded with all the required data which includes Human behaviour and reactions to different situations like anger, fear and anxiety. This generates a signal which is transmitted to the smart phone. The software or application has access to GPS and Messaging services which is pre-programmed in such a way that whenever it receives emergency signal, it can send help request along with the location co -ordinates to the nearest Police station, relatives and the people in the near radius who have application. This action enables help instantaneously from the Police as well as Public in the near radius who can reach the victim with great accuracy.

Keywords: Smart Band, GPS/GSM, Smart phone application.