Abstract: Abstract: Mainly in metropolitan cities now a day’s one of the major issue is availability of parking space. During the busy hours, the reserved parking area gets full completely which creates lot of confusion to the car owner to search vehicle among other vehicles in the parking area. To overcome this difficulty, it is very necessary to modernise the parking of commercial environment system. For designing advance parking slots one of the best solutions is to develop parking system with consideration the reservation of parking slot with the optimal parking space which is mainly dependent on cost and time. The cost function must also include the parking cost and proximity to the destination. The time driven sequence method solve the issue of parking using slot allocation method these proper process an android application which is used to implement a prototype Smart car Parking System based on Reservation(SPSR). These allow the passenger to easily locate and reserved the vehicle parking spaces with the help of IoT (Internet of Things) with slot allocation method.

Keywords: SPSR, IoT, Android Application, Node MCU, RFID, SPS, Parking Space Detection.