Abstract: This paper proposes the design of Inter of Things (IoT) based home automation system using Raspberry pi. Currently in day todayís life can hardly find a house without a home automation system. This project is intended to construct a home automation system that uses any device to control the electronic appliances. This home automation system is based on IoT. Home automation is very exciting field when it uses new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT). Raspberry pi is credit card size computer. Raspberry pi supports large number of peripherals. Raspberry pi is having different communication media like Ethernet port, HDMI port, USB port, Display Serial Interface, Camera Serial Interface, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy. It allows to control number of home appliances simultaneously. The local server is created on Raspberry pi.Home Automation System is a web based application that allows the user to monitor and control their home using their any device. This system requires a micro SD card with an OS for the Raspberry Pi. In this project OS Raspbian which is mostly preferred for projects, before copying the OS on the micro SD card copy a file named NOOBS which helps to download the latest OSís for the Raspberry PI as well as works as an interface like BIOS in windows. After booting the OS we installed Python 2.7, 3.0, Scratch etc. for programming. User required to use different devices like smart phones, iphones, Tablets to operate the home appliances with the help of UI created on web page. Home automation is becoming more and more popular day by day due to its numerous advantages. This can be achieved by local networking or by remote control. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost single-board computer which has recently become very popular. Via internet (webpage) user can access or operate any connected device from anywhere and system also checks for any device left switched on by user to switch it off. With the use of various sensors (Infrared sensors, temperature sensors) and actuators entire connection is established between Ethernet shield and the device. System would also be able to monitor presence of any person inside the room and using this data, user can manage the operability of any connected devices. Modules can be integrated as and when required for easing the task and effort of human.

Keywords: HDMI, IoT, Raspberry PI.