Abstract: Energy scavenging is without any doubt a very attractive technique for a wide variety of self-powered Microsystems i.e. wireless sensors, biomedical implants, military monitoring devices and etc. The chip fabrication set up helps us to fabricate and integrate energy scavenger with electronics due to homogeneity. Piezoelectric power generator made by MEMS technology can scavenge power from low-level ambient vibration sources. An attempt has been made to design, optimize the dimensions of cantilever based scavenger and evaluate performance of the system for variety of vibration source and load. The design and simulation of MEMS piezoelectric cantilever beam single, array of cantilever with parallel plate electrode is carried out. The micro-energy harvester is formed using a silicon substrate, lead zirconium titanate (PZT) piezoelectric layer, Pt electrodes and silicon proof mass. The 0.279V output voltage of the piezoelectric energy scavenger is achieved at 2300Hz under 1g (g=9.81) acceleration. The FOM is 1023V/mm3.g and power is 78 W for load resistance 1000?. Finite element simulation was conducted using comsol Multiphysics to obtain the device resonance frequency, deflection of cantilever beam, FOM, Electric potential for optimum dimensions.

Keywords: MEMS, piezoelectric, energy Scavenging.