Abstract: : India is a diverse country with various cultural and traditional differences. There are more than 12 distinguished different languages in the country. Smartphone’s have been known as most commonly used electronic device in daily life today. As hardware embedded in Smartphone’s can perform many more tasks than traditional phones, the Smartphone’s are no longer just a communication device but also considered as a powerful computing device which is able to capture images, record videos, etc. With advancement of technology, it is possible to apply some techniques to perform text detection and translation. Therefore, an application that allows Smartphone’s to capture an image and extract the text from it to translate into Indian languages is no longer a dream. In this paper, an Android app is proposed by integrating Tesseract OCR engine. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is designed in a way that automatically identifies the language of the input document for further processing.

Keywords: Android, OCR, text translator, Image Processing.