Abstract: The term Digitization refers to the process of converting information into digital form. Digitization is taking the country by storm, digitization has formed its roots in almost every field of interest India. In this growing digital India it is very important to automate the process of document verification and Challan generation by RTO. Also the existing scenario of RTO does not necessarily enforce traffic rules and laws as effectively as it should, which sometimes leads to these rules being overlooked by the drivers, vehicle owners and even the traffic police officers. We aim at providing drivers and vehicle users the facility of not carrying around unnecessary paperwork as this application which will store their DL and VRC can be accessed from any location at any given time. The proposed approach in this paper tackles with all these issues by automating the whole process of registration for D.L and V.R.C and viewing and accessing these documents by authorized users and traffic police and generation of e-challan and payment in case any traffic rule violation is observed. Also the current RTO scenario does not provide any way to detect frauds and unauthorized user of vehicles.

Keywords: Digitization. Document Verification, e-challan generation, driving license, vehicle registration certificate.