Abstract: There is an abnormal increase in the crime rate and also the number of criminals is increasing, this leads towards a great concern about the security issues. Crime preventions and criminal identification are the primary issues before the police personnel, since property and lives protection are the basic concerns of the police but to combat the crime, the availability of police personnel is limited. With the advent of security technology, cameras especially CCTV have been installed in many public and private areas to provide surveillance activities. The footage of the CCTV can be used to identify suspects on scene. In this paper, an automated facial recognition system for criminal database was proposed using known Haar feature-based cascade classifier. This system will be able to detect face and recognize face automatically in real time. An accurate location of the face is still a challenging task. Viola-Jones framework has been widely used by researchers in order to detect the location of faces and objects in a given image. Face detection classifiers are shared by public communities, such as OpenCV.

Keywords: Criminal Identification; CCTV; facial recognition; Haar classifier; real-time; Viola-Jones; OpenCV.