Abstract: This paper is developed as a web application which can be accessed universally. In this project user get their application form from the respective interested banking site. All that a normal user would have to do is to browse through the different pages of the site and do whatever transaction he/she wants. This proves to be much more beneficial and also more efficient to maintain than the conventional method of banking. These cards provide a safer way to use money from your personal account without using a check or carrying around large amounts of cash. Before this process the user has to register with their user name, password and image. During Registration user gives their personal details such as address, phone number, mail id. User will be intimated with banks rules and regulations. If the user wants to apply e banking means they can apply continuously. After this process bank will provide unique pin number to the registered user. Administrator will update the database with the information got from registered user. Now user gets the authentication to logon to the system, and also they can check their account status. User can also change their pin number and view their transaction. And also transfer their amount in locally or foreign exchange. To deposit or withdrawal amount from the banks manually is a time consuming process. To make this manual process fast this proposed system allows transferring amount another account. . This proposed system deals with all transactions of actual.

Keywords: Password Authentication, SSL/TLS, E-MONEY