Abstract: Phishing is one of the assaults that have become famous these days. It's a type of robbery tried with an intention to obtain exclusive and private data of people or companies for monetary or other profits. Inside the latest component there had been many reports on phishing assault in lots of financial domains; such as banking. It has emerged as a severe threat to establishments that deal with monetary transactions. If those threats arenít addressed thoroughly, people canít trust on-line transactions that contain due authentication through credentials. Many solutions came to resolve this kind of identity robbery. We aim to develop a new approach based on visual cryptography to cope with this issue of phishing. This can automatically preserve the privacy of captcha. It achieves this through dividing the original photograph into two shares which might to be saved in one of a kind database. The decryption is possible best when adversaries can provide both shares at a time. The character shares canít display the authentic captcha. The planned frame work has two phases. Within the first phase, a brand new user registers himself. When the new user is processing for the registration, the net application chooses a picture; then the picture is split into two share pictures. Where as in authentication phase, the same user is asked for the share allotted him during registration phase. Solely the shares are accessible only with the original user. Therefore this phishing attacks can be effectively prevented.

Keywords: Visual cryptography, captcha, phishing, security, online transaction.