Abstract: The Distributed healthcare data Keyword cloud computing system considerably facilitates secure and efficient patient treatment for medical consultation by sharing personal health information among the healthcare providers. This system should bring about the challenge of keeping both the data confidentiality and patientsí identity privacy simultaneously. This research focuses on the secure storage of Patient-Centered e-Health (SSPCEH) concept by introducing its importance and demonstrating a multidisciplinary project that combines advanced technologies. The project links several aspects of SSPCEH functionality a) homecare telemedicine technologies) e-prescribing, referral, e-learning (c) state-of-the-art technologies like cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)(d)privacies preserving and secure storage This paper provides insights of the SSPCEH concept and the current stages of the project. In doing so, we aim to increase the awareness of this significant work and disseminate the knowledge gained so far through our work. In this project we implement and identity-based record retrieval process with uses a cryptography technique of identity-based privacy protection

Keywords: Personal Healthcare Record; Cloud Computing; Healthcare Information Systems Integration, privacy Protection, Identify based Encryption