Abstract: A social media consist of a wide range and variety of information or data in the form of Pictures, Videos, Audios or Text, which are encapsulated in a said structure called posts. A social media platform would always have a number of posts in its incoming and outgoing data traffic so managing and maintaining the efficiency of being relevant specifically to a certain user is very difficult. So we propose on developing a bot to handle the traffic. The bot will assist user in filtering the new post update and letting user know which post are of interest to the user by classifying the feed updates using data mining and Machine Learning, thus helping user to navigate through refined posts according to userís interest. It will be plug in to our social media platform, which will store all the posts that are updated on news feed, and then we will use machine learning algorithms to filter the post data to obtain the post that are relevant to the interest stated.

Keywords: Machine Learning; Text Analysis; Semantic Analysis.