Abstract: The system locates the camera, and then neutralizes it. This paper intends to aid in maintaining the safety and security of people by developing an application with the help of which spy cameras can easily be detected, also the location and the perpetrator’s identity would be sent to the concerned authorities. It finds its application in courts and places where cameras are not allowed. In this paper, we propose another system for recognizing and deactivating advanced cameras in photography restricted regions. This procedure will find a camera and afterward kill it. It utilizes picture handling for identifying camera's focal point. In the wake of finding camera's focal point an infrared light will be coordinated towards that focal point which will twist the picture by overexposure. The coordinated infrared light causes solid lessening in the nature of the picture. It doesn't meddle with camera's activity and it is innocuous to the camera client. The proposed work has applications, for example, averting theft at theatres. This work will serve advantageous at spots, for example, galleries, enterprises, recorded landmarks, shows, evolving rooms, shopping centres, gems stores where keeping up mystery is enormous issue.

Keywords: Image processing, Camera, IR transmitter.