Abstract: Nowadays, the evolution of the world of the Internet of Thing is promising the explosion of a number of devices connected to the Internet. According to Cisco analysts (Evans, 2011), in 2015 there were more than 25 billion devices connected and with a projection of more than 50 billion devices connected by 2020. Also, the new business model that the Internet of Things technologies enable are manufacturing a super-fast increase of machine-to-machine communications. This is a real market innovation moment that opens up a lot chances for enterprises and, generally speaking, for the entire society.[1] Inherently, it increases dramatically the security problems, which could discomfit a sizeable part of Internet of Things’ potential benefits that McKinsey valuates at approximately $4 trillion. Indeed, a recent survey by HP reports that the 70% of devices contain defenselessness. The intent of this segment is to give an overview of present trends about cyber security involvement and a glimpse of what the future of the Internet of Things will convey.

Keywords: Security, Internet of Things,Cyber-attack, Security threats, Secure Reprogrammable Networks.