Abstract: In present scenario most of the service centres manage their accounts through manual process i.e. paper work which is very tedious to create job cards, no record of parts and details of customers but this application will help in computerizing entire service centre system using software application. This proposed system is useful for any service centre for managing information of availability of spare parts, customerís information, managing accounts. This application can be useful for private service centres and franchise service centre. In service centre first job is to make job card so work can be done according to it, managing spare parts is a important task where details of spare parts is accurately managed i.e. part number, part type ,price, when it was purchased and from which retailer had purchased, even maintain records of all of customers is very important as per business perspective to grow business there is need to maintain record of each and every customer i.e. what was last service date ,what work was done in last servicing what issue customer is facing now ,what parts we used while serving their bikes ,and generating bills according to work .it also shows list of customers whose last service exceed more than 3 months as to contact them and send them reminder which helps to grow business and maintain customer relationships as details of parts changes over time there will be another panel where you can edit if details changes which makes it more flexible. There will be another panel for the Data Representation with the help of clustering algorithm for Data Mining purposes as the data will grow exponential as the proposed system will be used in the real world. Thus seeing the limitation of the current system we propose the new computerized system.

Keywords: Data Mining, Data Analysis, Clustering.