Abstract: Educational Data Mining (EDM) is the process of converting raw data from Educational systems to useful information that can be used by educational software Developers, students, teachers, parents, and other educational researchers. Currently there is an increasing interest in data mining and educational systems, making educational data mining as a new growing research community. This work provides the application of data mining to traditional educational systems, particular web-based courses, well-known learning content management systems, and adaptive and intelligent web-based educational systems. Each of these systems has different data source and objectives for knowledge discovering. India’s education system is traditional; it has not under gone changes according to the existing technology. The main objective of this model is to predict the actions of new students for improving the tutoring feedback provided by an intelligent tutoring system. This Portal will also help to conduct online exams in class rooms, Teacher can create and upload test, after that teacher need to activate and the test will available for students. It also have features like the Download Notes, View Notes, feedback option and many more. In the implemented intelligent tutoring system student can learn through the active tutor. Student also ask the questions to tutor through the chat window. Student analysis can be done thought the online examination. The implemented model has been validated using student logs collected in a Computer laboratory. As a result of this validation, we concluded that the model can provide reasonably good predictions and can support tutoring feedback that is better adapted to each student type.

Keywords: Educational Data Mining, e-learning, Procedural Training, Intelligent Tutoring Systems.