Abstract: The number of vehicles in the world is increasing rapidly due to the hike in demands. Increasing population density in urban centers calls for adequate provision of service and infrastructure to meet the needs of the residents. This is where the concept of Smart Cities has gained great popularity. With the help of Internet of things, we can connect the surrounding environment to the internet and access those things from any remote location. This will help boost productivity and reliability of already existing infrastructure and will also help in future planning[1]. In this paper, we have proposed to design a smart parking system which enables the user to find the nearest parking lots and also informs the user about any vacancies in the parking lots using IoT. The main purpose is to prevent the user from wasting time in looking for parking lots and unnecessary traveling and fuel consumption in an already filled-up parking lot. We have also proposed to develop a mobile application to allow the user to book parking spot and utilize his time efficiently.

Keywords: Smart City; Smart Parking Systems; Internet of things; Intelligent Parking Assistant.