Abstract: Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), also referred to as Mind Machine Interface (MMI) are devices capable of capturing brain activity. EEG based brain-controlled systems had initially found applications in military surveillance and biomedical services. Further research and work in this domain has enabled paralyzed people to control prosthetic arm with the help of their brain signals. Recent advancement in BCI Technology has seen a meteoric growth with contributions in additional fields such as security, lifestyle and entertainment. With the ever-increasing usability of drones in this era, we have tried to incorporate BCI with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). In this paper, we discuss the utilization of EEG signals to manoeuvre a quadrotor drone using a brain-wave-enabled biosensor. One of the crucial tasks performed by this sensor is to assimilate incoming stimuli and analyse the cerebral signals to determine accurate results.

Keywords: BCI(Brain computer interface), EEG, brain signals, drone,BCI(Brain computer interface), EEG, brain signals, drone.