Abstract: Every day the data that we produce is growing at an exponential rate and the growth of which is only going to increase with time. In such a scenario the transfer, security and storage become factors of critical importance. A big step in resolving these issues was the development of cloud computing, but development of such a large and complex system brought about its own concerns mainly in terms of security. Remote data access control is of crucial importance in public cloud. Based on its own inclinations, the data owner predefines the access policy. When the user satisfies the data owner’s access policy, it has the right to access the data owner’s remote data. To improve flexibility and efficiency of remote data access control, attribute-based encryption (for short, ABE) is used to realize the remote data fine-grained access control. For the basic systems with low resources, secure outsourced decryption is a very useful technique. In the real application scenarios, the user’s attributes are usually managed by many authorities. This paper is intended towards discussing the issue and single point of failure in access control for cloud infrastructure and suggesting a solution for the same.

Keywords: Cloud computing, types, security