Abstract: Solar power generation studies are extensively increasing, because it is considered as an essentially inexhaustible, largely available and pollution free energy resource. Solar energy source that convert Solar energy into Electrical Energy. That Electrical Energy are further divided into two main categories. They are stand-alone (or) off line and grid-connected. The standalone system is isolated from the electric distribution grid. This system actually one of the most complex and includes all the elements necessary to serve AC applications in common household or commercial applications. The number of system will depend on the type of load that is being served. A good example is water pumping applications. The Grid connected system is directly couped to the electric distribution network and do not require battery storage. Electric energy is either sold or bought from the local energy load patterns and the solar resource variation during the day, this operation mode requires an inverter to convert DC currents to AC currents. Electric grid is parallel to the renewable system by use of the inverter. This project presents the New Design and performance of the Grid Tie Inverter and results prove that the system will reduce the energy consumption and optimum use of the renewable energy use can be utilized.

Keywords: Grid Connected Inverter, Grid Tied PV System, Conservation of Energy