Abstract: Driver inattention is a major contributor to highway crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that approximately 25% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention – the driver is distracted, asleep or fatigued, or otherwise “lost in thought” Every year nearly million people die and are injured as a result of road traffic crashes. These deaths and injuries have an immeasurable impact on families and communities as they tragically and irrevocably change people’s lives. In addition to the huge emotional toll these injuries cause the considerable economic loss to casualties, their families and nations as a whole. It will be necessary in next- generation smart vehicles, to develop advanced driver specific active/ passive safety systems. Important to analyse on-road, real traffic naturalistic driving data for all possible driving variations in different maneuvers. The Purpose of this project is to identify alertness of driver in driving. If the driver is found to be yawning or sleeping or distracted from driving, then continuous sound is played to alert him. Continuously evaluate driving performance. In case the driver is distracted, then buzzer is played and led glows.

Keywords: Driver Distraction, yawning Detection, glance behavior.