Abstract: This paper presented an implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) by using the LabView software environment. The proposed algorithm in this work is to combine the AES algorithm and the Secure Hash algorithm (SHA-1) together. The resulting hash code output was used as the input key for the AES in order to improve data security and also to make the SHA-1 two way encryption algorithm. SHA-1 is a 160 -bit key so, the AES key used is a192-bit where the SHA-1 would take 160bit from the AES key size and the rest of the 192-bit of the AES key would be used as a salt. From the results of SHA-1 and AES algorithms obtained in LabView, the suggested work showed the simplicity in modeling hashing and AES algorithms, generating hash codes and plain texts in English plain text(small and capital letters), Arabic plain text, symbols, and numbers.

Keywords: Advanced Encryption Standard AES; Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-1; Security; LabView.