Abstract: It is very well known that fossils fuels are depleting and renewable energy sources are gaining importance day by day. Among various renewable energy sources, solar energy seems to be a reliable and viable one. Hence, in this work solar energy is used as the main source of supply. The present work comprises of two modules, the first module focuses on design of hybrid electric vehicle which runs by solar powered PV panel, and the second module involves automatic detection of speed breakers. The hybrid vehicle also has an option of pedalling based on driverís choice. It is also ensured in design that motoring operation is not interrupted by the pedalling. Nowadays, vehicles are prone to accidents frequently, because of misheeding of speed breakers on the road either by over speeding or driver becoming unconscious. The second module of our project tries to overcome the above issue. This is implemented by detecting and exact location of speed breakers using vibration sensor and GPS and thereby giving an automatic alert to the driver.

Keywords: Solar PV panel, Arduino micro controller, vibration sensor, GPS.