Abstract: Toward enhancing the regular clone identification method whose execution might be influenced by powerful changes of supply chains and misread, we introduce a novel and successful clone location approach, named twofold track discovery, for radio recurrence identification-empowered supply chains. As a feature of a label's properties, verification data is built into labels with the goal that the arrangement of all verification data in the gathered label occasions frames a period arrangement succession. Real labels can be separated from clone labels because of the disparity in their verification groupings which are built as items own along the production network. The verification grouping together with the succession framed by business activities performed amid the supply chains yield two tracks which can be evaluated to recognize the nearness of clone labels. Hypothetical examination and trial comes about demonstrate that our proposed system is compelling, sensible, and has a moderately high clone discovery rate when contrasted and a main strategy around there.

Keywords: Clone detection, RFID, twofold track discovery, EPC.