Abstract: Many industries, such as banking, healthcare and education are moving towards the cloud due to the efficiency of services provided by the pay-per-use pattern based on the resources such as processing power used, transactions carried out, bandwidth consumed, data transferred, or storage space occupied etc. In a cloud computing environment, the entire data presides over a set of networked resources, enabling the data to be accessed through virtual machines. In proposed system many advantage like accessing the home page before we request the admin for key generation once admin generate the key then they send it by mail id the user can get the key from the mail and apply the required place, if the which is generated by admin is correct means the home page will open otherwise it will shows wrong message, Upload the image with encryption and store in the database, in admin side the admin will decrypt the image, the other user can view the data if admin decrypt the data otherwise it canít showed the image. Data sharing the data from one user to another user with encryption technique as well as non-encryption techniques.

Keywords: Wearable Technology, Big data, Hadoop, Map reduce and Cloud Computing.