Abstract: Induction motors are most commonly used as compared with any the other type of electric motors due to its low cost, robustness, and less maintenance requirement (especially squirrel-cage types), and the ability to perform in rough conditions. The aim of this project is to detect, indicate and protect the 3 phase induction motor from various faults using some technique. The circuit will control the 3 phase induction motor and faults of motor like over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current will be indicated first and after circuit will indicate that faults and at least it will protect induction motor from faults. These also protect induction motor from temperature imbalances i.e. overheating of motor and after that circuit will switch on motor under safe condition. There is microcontroller used for control of circuit and it will detect and indicate voltage and current of 3-phases as well as faults occur in IM. If fault occurs it will cut off power to motor and switch off motor until they are normal. We have implemented a GSM Module so that SMS can be sent to the registered mobile phone to indicate the condition of the Induction motor. In the project work undertaken, GSM technology based automatic control system is designed to monitor and control speed of an Induction motor.

Keywords: Short Message Service (SMS), Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM), AT Command, GSM Modem, monitoring and control, Radio frequency (RF), Induction Motor.