Abstract: In the era of 21st century, man is always hungry about power but conventional resources of power are not going to last forever, So, non-conventional and natural resources are required to get the energy. It is therefore need of the time that some alternate sources are to be identified for the sake of effective and green energy. The reliability of any one source is impractical in the era of if-then else loop or plan B. So, more than one source is to be identified. Piezoelectric and Solar technology are identified for the purpose of power generation in few cases. Solar energy may not be available 24x7 and 365 days, so in that duration, piezo can get power stored. It is renewable, inexhaustible and environmental pollution free. This paper deals with Hybrid technology that is a combination of piezoelectric and solar power generation which will be stored in battery and can be utilized whenever required for utilities.

Keywords: Piezoelectric cells, Solar energy, Hybrid power.