Abstract: Mobile computing are one of the most trending culture of today’s Information age to utilize the computational power of micro and macro devices such as mobile or other hand held devices with full fledge of technological rich computational tasks with ease to perform in a very accurate and reliable manner. But to connect these all micro devices with proper communicative coupling orientations in the form of mobile networking structure are really becomes a very typical and challenging tasks, because these all micro devices contains various utilities to connect them from one to another such as Bluetooth Technology, WI-FI Technology, but to use these utilities some limited number of devices have to be connected with each other and a very less amount of data have to be transfer at a minimum time instance. To achieve the productivity and maximum through put the need of the hour is that we have some potential mobile networking mechanisms which works as similar as computer networks and utilize all resources with full of its computational capacity and becomes a computationally rich. In this paper we proposed a ad-hoc networking model among various micro and macro devices such as mobile or other hand held devices in a small area spectrum generally called a Campus Area Network (CAN) using the full potential of mobile computing architecture and these type of networking possible among the mobile or some other hand held devices. We also proposed a new protocol name says MCC (Mobile Communication Configuration) with its header along the sizes of each parameters or modules which presently existed in the MCC header and also represent the packet structure with its data capacity size. Because this networking model works as a Local Area Network (LAN). These type of networking model suitable for small size of area such as offices, universities, institutions, campus etc. The detailed mechanisms of each module of this networking model are presented in the next upcoming sections of this paper.

Keywords: Mobile Networking Technology, Mobile Computing based Networking, CAN network of mobile computing, Mobile communication using MCC protocol.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10818

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