Abstract: Product codes are usually applied in high data rate wireless communication systems to achieve good performance. The product code composed by the simple block code can be decoded by a decoding method based on the syndrome-norm. Syndrome-norm decoding method uses lookup table to roughly determine the type of the error pattern and then take specific corresponding decoding method. The scale of the lookup table will increase with the rise of the bits of the maximum errors since it requires to store all the possibilities of the error types. However, the existing pattern library formation method is high computational complexity and fail to form a pattern library with error bits above six. This paper proposed a mathematical model for fast generating a library based on the iterative expansion of the error patterns, which makes it possible to shorten the computational complexity in comparison with the known forming approaches and support higher error correction capability.

Keywords: product code decoding, iterative formation, syndrome, norm, syndromic-norm decoding, library of error patterns.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10826

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