Abstract: Project requirements writing is a very important role in every Software organization, yet relatively little research effort has focused on how to write them. This Project takes note on issues arising in requirements and their traces to other requirements and presents an approach to requirement writing, traceability, team management, and describes agenda to facilitate the use of our project approach. Requirement writing plays very important role in successful and smooth flow project completion. A framework for writing requirements is introduced. A complete tool set, based on this framework, has been prototyped. The components of this system are a requirement suite tool that gathers project requirement information, a grouping tool that groups various requirements, a team tool that stores team members working for a project, and a traceability tool that traces different requirements.

Keywords: Traceability, Data Mining, File Processing/File System, Java/JavaFx , Artificial Intelligence , Genetic Programming , MySQL

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8204

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