Abstract: Human survival depends heavily on plants since they give us air, food, clothing, fuel, medicine, gums, and environmental protection. Numerous plants have a high therapeutic potential and are rich in active components. There are numerous useful plant species now going extinct and destruction occurring as a result of reasons like climate change, population growth, professional secrecy, a lack of governance for research activities and a lack of understanding of medicinal plants. The process of manually identifying therapeutic herbs takes a lot of hours, so professional assistance is required. Automatic classification and medicinal plants identification are required to solve this issue for the benefit of humanity as a whole. Image processing research is currently focused on the computerized grading and naming of therapeutic plants. The primary processes in the identification of medicinal plants and the classification process, which have an impact on the overall accuracy of the classification system, are feature extraction and classification.

Keywords: Medicinal leaves, Convolution Neural Networks (CNN), Ayurveda, image processing, Machine learning

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12219

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