Abstract: Security is one of the main issues hindering the growth of cloud The idea of handing off important data to another company worries me. Consumers should therefore be vigilant to understand the risks of data breaches in this new environment. This white paper provides an in-depth analysis of cloud computing security issues and challenges, focusing on types of cloud computing and types of service offerings. Cloud computing is a set of IT services provided to customers over a network on leased bases, allowing the service requirements to be scaled up or down. Cloud computing services are typically provided by a third party that owns the infrastructure. Notable benefits include scalability, resilience, flexibility, efficiency, and outsourcing of non-core activities. Cloud computing offers organizations an innovative business model for adopting IT services with no upfront investment. Despite the potential benefits to be gained from cloud computing, security issues and related challenges have delayed the adoption of cloud computing by organizations.

Keyword: Cloud Security, Community, Data Portability, Hybrid

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.111144

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