Abstract: Security and safety is increasing day by day and with improvements brought in the past decade and innovations to bring comfort in our lives. In today's world technology has become a part of an integrated part of the society and therefore the security of an individual's home, office or their organization had to be considered with upmost priority. Smart Receptionist with a smart lock system is therefore mainly designed and developed for security system purpose. The smart security system is used in situation to see visitor when the main door of office or organization is closed. The purpose of this system is to control the door lock using RASPBERRY PI 3. In this system whenever person enters the office door, image of person is captured by CAMERA MODULE which is compared with database. If the persons images is matched with the database the SOLENOID LOCK opens, but when the image is unidentified it Emails the owner requesting to allow or deny the access.

Keywords: Raspberry pi 3, Camera module, Email, Solenoid lock.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10416

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