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Abstract: This project implements a Smart traffic controller using fuzzy logic based on Vehicle and pedestrians count. Smart traffic controllers are needed these days to maintain busy traffic junctions featuring both vehicles and pedestrians. Computer vision technologies are available to see and identify the vehicles and pedestrians for regulating traffic. Various Fuzzy controllers based on neural networks are available to handle the modern metro traffic junctions. Fuzzy inference system used in this project decides the signalling time based on the fuzzified count of pedestrians and vehicles. This input variable for the decision is the fuzzified count of the vehicles and pedestrians from all the streets. This project is built in MATLAB using Fuzzy systems toolbox. This Smart traffic controller based on Fuzzy logic is capable of delivering unbiased traffic signalling and manage the traffic effectively.

Keywords: Fuzzy, Traffic, Vehicles, Pedestrians, Fuzzy logic, MATLAB, Smart traffic controller

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.774

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