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Abstract: The existence of counterfeit drugs or pharma products in walks of health care services and in the pharmaceutical supply chain has recently become very evident with the increase in serious illness and death from the use of such drugs. Such pharma products can probably contain the wrong dose of the ingredient or be mixed with the wrong composition. Not only are these products useless for treating people, but they can also lead to serious health conditions. With regard to supply chain systems in our country, most of the transfers that take place in the chain are not recorded correctly and transparency is at stake, every stakeholder within the chain has to trust the other person in the chain and proceed with the handovers. Tracking the origin of the falsified drug or any other discrepancy is a difficult task. The main focus of this paper is to discuss the various practices, challenges and existing approaches in digitizing transfers in a supply chain and proposing a solution to ensure security and transparency is achieved by utilizing the technology of blockchain.

Keywords: Blockchain Technology, Supply Chain, Secure, Transparency, Decentralized.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10707

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