Abstract: Sharing not only means the involvement of cooperate providers, it can also be a peer-to-peer(P2P) sharing of people who match private providers and users. One such example of this is carpooling. The sharing of an automobile ride is known as carpooling. Quite often we have seen the markable and considerable research on various types of pooling techniques. Recent years have seen considerable research on why people use these sharing services. As is the trend worldwide, India is undergoing rapid urbanization; and using a private car as a transportation system has become very common in industrialized countries. The costs of increasing dependence of people on cars and other transport is becoming very expensive, building new roads and their maintenance, high level of energy consumption in addition to the economic and environmental costs, pollution, traffic accidents and social inequities that arises when the poor are unable to access the transportation services at an affordable price. To overcome these issues many strategies have been introduced. We have also created an android car-pooling application (Traveling Buddy) to tackle this problem. In this application we have also implemented some of the new features which would help the users for convenient journeys. Some of the feature like providing the real time images of the car to check the car condition, an efficient way to provide communication between the rider and passengers, Even if one does not owns a car , he/she can still post the trip’s details and a person who is willing to share the trip can communicate with him/her via calling and chat feature, Post initiator have to confirm the passenger of the trip before the actual day of trip after which he/she can’t cancel any passenger’s request. Carpooling would reduce the number of cars on streets hence providing worldwide environmental, economic and social benefits. Information and communication technology can aid in the matching of drivers and passengers [3].

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11369

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