Abstract: Now in recent era of attendance system, so many manual attendances provides for schools and collages. Likewise private as well as government school and collages trying to improve their attendance system day  by day, Mostly of the student are absent or bunk the lectures, Now in this case message are not given to parents , because of some manual reason so the attendance is not properly, after some days RFID based student attendance system are invented. In previous system RFID technology provides automatic wireless identification using electronic passive and active tags with suitable reader, an attempt is made to solve previous attendance monitoring problems in schools and collages using RFID technology, hence we prepared the GSM module and Arduino for our project. Our project is modern attendance system using GSM, GSM stands for global system for mobile communication , using GSM module message will send to respective absent student parents and by using wi-fi module message is send to the respective staffs computer.

Keywords: GSM module, RFID technology, Arduino.

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