Abstract: The objective of this project is to develop a system to flawless transport (emergency service) and track stolen vehicle. The main aim of this project is to develop such system that will automatically control the traffic signal once emergency service vehicle detected hence provide jam free road. The other part of this project is to track the route of the stolen vehicle.  All the vehicle will have RFID tags, if the signal is RED and if RFID reader detects Emergency vehicle on that lane the automatically This signal will turn GREEN and all other signals will turn RED.  If any registered stolen vehicle passes through that traffic signal, the RFID reader will detect it and track its route. The RFID reader will be installed at some distance from the traffic signal it will keep on reading the tag vehicles once it finds that the tagged vehicle is emergency vehicle the microcontroller will change the signal to green. Many life end due to emergency service vehicles not reaching on time for help. This system will help to provide flawless road so that emergency service would be right on time and some life gets saved.

Keywords: IoT; RFID; Smart; Traffic; Emergency; Vehicles; Tracking; Automation; Wireless; Ambulance; Police; Fire.

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