Abstract:  Cloud storage is one the most broadly used applications of cloud. As use of cloud is expanding, critical and individual data is additionally being outsourced making it imperative to keep up confidentiality and integrity of this data. A basic method for securing data is encoding it before outsourcing, yet the recovery of required records from the encrypted cloud turns into an issue which requires searching over encrypted data. Different plans have been proposed to manage this issue for searching over encrypted cloud data, and work keeps on progressing endeavoring to provide ideal user search experience resembling plaintext search. This paper reviews research in this field from single keyword to multi-keyword search, forward indexing to reverse indexing, and disjunctive to conjunctive multi-keyword search. As research in this space is developing soon with focus of influencing user search experience over encrypted data resemble plain text search experience like “Google Search”.

Keywords: Multi-keyword ranked search; searchable encryption; fuzzy search; synonym search; encrypted cloud; cloud security.

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