Abstract:  Human system is made up of many organs; of all brain is the first and the leading controller of the human system. Overload cells growing in an uncontrolled manner in brain is called as brain tumor which further leads to brain cancer. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a medical test which uses strong magnets to produce magnetic field and radio waves to generate 2/3 Dimensional image of different body organs and uses computer to analyze the taken image. The brain is composed of 3 types of materials: White Material (WM), Grey Matter (GM) and Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF).Through the MRI scan we can view the brain in three different ways: 1]The Axial MRI 2]The Sagittal MRI 3]The Coronal MRI. These images help the Doctor to identify whether that patient is suffering from cancer. The proposed system takes Brain MRI images as an input and pre-processing is performed on it (resizing and renaming).The images will be analyzed using advance imaging technologies. These technologies use Convolution Neural Network and deep learning approach for analysis. After analysis, classifying of whether given MRI images are normal or show a benign or malignant cancer is done automatically, that saves the radiologist’s time, increases accuracy and yield of diagnosis.

 Keywords: MRI Images, U-Net, Ground truth, Tensor flow, Tumor, Brain, Processing, , classification, benign, malignant.

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