Abstract: An Autonomous Vehicle (AV) could be a self-piloted vehicle that does not require an administrator to explore and finish its functions. It is the diffusion of automation in mobility, which is going to accelerate in the near future [3]. Autonomous vehicles are a recently developed subset of robotics and can come in three general forms; air, ground and submarine. One potential function of an autonomous vehicle is to operate a pre-programmed route while avoiding any interference the vehicle may encounter. The vehicle can accomplish this task by using sensors to “see” where it is and what is around it. These sensors vary from close range infrared sensors to longer ranged high frequency radar and global positioning system [8].

In this paper, we developed few algorithms for the guidance mechanism and different techniques have been implemented for the control and guidance of the autonomous vehicles. Microcontroller which is used as control unit for exhibiting the autonomous behavior of AV. Navigational & Guidance Program developed which is responsible for collecting & parsing the GPS data & producing the various errors based on this. In the guidance part, the program computes the distance between two different points. It draws an imaginary line between them and then vehicle approches to the final destination.

Keywords: Autonomus, Self driving vehicle, Navigation, Guidence, Megnatometer, Bluetooth, Artificial intelligence.

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