Abstract: A wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is a BAN using wireless protocols to interconnect nodes and to enable packet communication between them. WBAN is so handy that the medical fraternity is craving for its swift customization; as a result the growth in R&D in the field of WBAN is increasing expeditiously. The major objective of this research project is to create a wireless intra-body network of sensors interconnecting and sharing data, thereby eliminating the old-school wired interconnection of sensors and the use of high impedance shoe. The sensors attached at the nodes, representing the epicentres of the human body, may be attached on clothing, on the body or implanted under the skin to monitor various physiological parameters. Iterative and incremental product development approach is followed. Each succeeding development efforts build on the preceding one.

Keywords: Wireless intra-body network of sensors interconnecting and sharing data, iterative and incremental product development approach, GNS3 tool to simulate the foundation network and 24/7 monitoring of the patient.

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