Abstract: A wireless sensor network is the prominent technology, which seeks lots of attention in the state of the art technology. It has its wide range of utilization aspects in almost all domains. The major challenge of the WSN seems to be the energy utilization and as a consequence the decline of the lifetime of the sensor nodes. This research addresses the problem of the energy drain in the sensor nodes lifetime, which as a result it ends up in the nodes death. This research proposes an algorithm to cope up with the energy utilization of the sensor nodes .Wireless sensor networks are deployed widely in sensitive applications like health care, surveillance and e-commerce domains. Compared with communication protocols, in terms of energy indulgence, ease of formation, and system epoch/quality of the network. Providing such a low-energy, ad hoc, distributed protocol will help pave the way for imminent micro sensor networks. It is evident from the MATLAB simulation that the proposed system works well efficient to cope up with energy efficient and novel clustering. In this research, novel constellation based wsn clustering protocol is proposed for the wireless sensor networks. It improves the efficiency of the energy consumption along with the improvement of the node lifetime values. The proposed strategy helps in improving the dynamic updating of the routing table, which may overcome the problem of the dead node sensing and cluster head value updating.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Routing Algorithm, MATLAB

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71106

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