Abstract: In present situation human being is facing many health issues, these problems must be exactly examine without any compromising. In the condition of contrary disorder, the common procedure of analysis might not be tolerable. Diagnosis of disease in early stage of any health issues is significant; as the disease determines earlier may result is more effective treatment or extensive persistence time.

In the past decade, the operation of particular disease prediction implement combined with the regarding health has been magnified because of a range of disease and fewer doctor- patient magnitude relation. Prediction of disease with an accuracy can be done through by using machine learning algorithms like CNN, SVM, Random forest algorithm etc but VGG16 will give more accuracy compare to other algorithm. This paper, we are using VGG16 for more accuracy of above 90%. The system has unbelievable potential in forestalling the possible diseases more exactly.

Keywords: VGG16 (Visual Group Geometry), Covid-19, viral pneumonia, brain tumour, Kidney Stone

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124114

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