Abstract: This paper proposes a dual band elliptical antenna for ISM and WIMAX applications.The antenna consists of elliptical patch connected to a line feed with a coplanar waveguide ground. This antenna operates  at 2GHz and 3.5GHz with one port.This allows operation at ISM and WIMAX frequencies. The return loss dB(S(1,1)=-16.8910 at 2GHz and dB(S(1,1)=-18.4981 at 3.5 GHz are obtained. The antenna is fabricated on 65mm×120mm×1.6mm low cost FR4 epoxy substrate.The thickness of the substrate is 1.6mm. The antenna's radiation characteristics are verified and investigated by simulation results including radiation pattern,gain ,rEtotal ,return lossand 3D polar plot. The antenna design has been simulated by using Ansoft HFSS software. 

Keyword: ISM; WIMAX; Coplanar Waveguide Ground

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8535

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