Abstract: Ultrasound image plays a vital role in medical profession as this is the best approach to look inside the body structure without any cuts and without any use of much expensive equipments. Ultrasound imaging is less expensive, safe, accurate and good in forming real time imaging. Image acquisition is based on the principle that when ultrasound waves travel through tissues, they are partly reflected back as echoes to the transducers. The major issue associated with ultrasound imaging is that it may corrupted by speckle noise during image acquisition. Hence it is necessary to de-speckle the medical images like ultrasound images, so that the effective and reliable decision can be taken on the basis of acquired images. There are various methods that have been developed in the past and still the research is going on.Traditionally the LBP i.e Local Binary Pattern was used for de-speckling the ultrasound images. After having the review to the problem with existing techniques the proposed work aims to replace the traditional LBP method with CLBP, which is an enhanced version of LBP technique. CLBP i.e Compound Local Binary Pattern, this method is considered to be efficient and more accurate than the traditional methods. From the results obtained it is concluded that the new methods is accurate and efficient than the traditional methods of ultrasound image de-speckling.

Keywords: Ultrasound images, Speckle noise, Local Binary Pattern, Compound Local Binary Pattern.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7629

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