Abstract: Online E-learning system is a android application. Computer-based learning and interactive communication are included in this E-learning scheme. This E-learning method makes use of internet technology to provide students with information on a wide range of topics. Only registered users have the ability to add, display, or ask questions about topics. This project ensures that students receive an efficient and successful education. This method allows students and lecturers to communicate easily. E-Learning platform can be proposed to provide a good learning environment for learners. The e-Learning platform has a three-layer architecture to efficiently facilitate sharing, reusing learning materials, and interoperability among various learning material. Therefore, learners can make use of available learning objects without having to be affiliated with other Learning Management System. The E-Learinng system manages and stores e-books information electronically according to categories. All the users can use the app to keep track of the materials available in the system, download them, or use them online.

Keywords: Online learning platform, Electronic Learning System, Educational platform, Learning management systems, E-learning systems, Mobile-based learning systems.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10531

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